I Am A “Real Parent”!

I Am A “Real Parent”! Parental pride in their children is universal, even if one is not from Lake Wobegon (where “all the children are above average”), and as a biological parent of three sons, I too have always considered them to be wonderful. It’s natural to praise the “products” of our personal DNA and […]

Magical Machu Picchu, and the Vexing ‘Human Condition’

I recently visited remarkable Machu Picchu, the ancient and magically beautiful Andes mountain community constructed some 500 years ago for the leader of the then-thriving Incan Empire. Many exquisitely preserved walls of buildings still stand in this breath-taking setting atop the steep slopes of the Peruvian Andes. The entire site is ethereal, evoking feelings of awe […]

Our Infernal Flu

Without warning, and out of the blue, I’ve just succumbed to a terrible flu… Malaise, fever, cough and fatigue, have pushed me way out of my league, Have affected my outlook and my mood, I’ve become dour, cantankerous, even rude… I deeply abhor this oppressive crud, which feels like oozing, trapping mud, Suffocating and asphyxiating me, overwhelming […]

I Am Not An Elitist! (Or Am I?)

“I Am Not An Elitist! (Or Am I?)”   ‘Elitism’ has become a “dirty word,” at least among some people who feel that elites are despicable. I hereby declare that “I am not an Elitist” (…or am I?) As I write this self-serving statement, I’m reminded of the words, “I am Not a Crook!” spoken by Richard Nixon […]