While walking this morning, on a secluded beach,

I experienced a sense of profound internal peace.

I drifted into a reverie, a strangely moving dream

That I lived in an ideal world, where all was serene…

There was not a mention of Syria, or incipient deliria;

I heard nothing about Putin, or inner city lootin’.

No one complained about bein’ in the dumps;

And nothing heard about livin’ with the Trumps…

I saw no bullyin’ or any sullyin’, no crime and no grime;

Didn’t hear mention of pollution, or some distant revolution.

No unfairness, or people actin’ with bewareness;

No one burdened by worries, or enraged by the furies…

No sounds of loud beratin’ or words of angry hatin’;

No unpleasant rudeness, or in-your-face lewdness;

No open or hidden arms, nor other dangerous harms;

No computer hackin’, and no signs of bullets flackin’…

People weren’t in misery, cryin’ or decryin’;

No miserable starvation, nor serious privation;

No venal duplicity, and no covert infelicity;

A surfeit of generosity, and absent of atrocity…

There was no self-bloviation, or self-immolation,

No debasement or defacement, no shillin’ or killin’.

No injustice or prejudice, no inhumanity or insanity.

No misogyny and no agony, no qualms and no bombs.

When the dream abruptly ended, and I suddenly awoke,

I felt empty, betrayed, as if my dream was one sad joke:

   But it’s true, man, if we’re really hu-man,

   If we want to live, we’ve gotta learn to give,

   And gotta learn to love, with no help from above…

   This isn’t just pie-in-the-sky, pal,

   I’m talkin’ ’bout our very surviv-al:

   Folks! We gotta be kinder and benevolent,

   Otherwise, we’re all gonna be irrelevant…

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