Where Have All Our Values Gone?

What is happening to our American Values? You remember values, don’t you? You know, those moral thoughts and behaviors we used to hold dear, like decency, civility, honesty and respect, as well as caring, optimism, empathy and tolerance? This country was a beacon of idealism and progressive values to people the world over. Its foundational credos, the US Constitution and Declaration of […]

“The Sounds of Silence”

”The Sounds of Silence”   Ah, “The Sounds of Silence,” how we long for them… I am sure there’ve been times when you just couldn’t stand some jarring sounds in your vicinity, which were jangling your nerves and disturbing your peace of mind. “Noise in the System” is used to describe an engine, program or […]


Human beings have always built border walls to repel unwelcome “others” from their domains, with the clear message “We don’t want you here!” Remnants exist of ancient fortifications like The Great Wall of China and Roman Empire walls, destroyed ramparts like the Berlin Wall, and many others. More tellingly are contemporary “active” walls separating people throughout […]


        If someone calls you a “True Believer,” are you pleased or insulted? This term, which can be used to compliment or criticize, refers to a person who feels passionately dedicated to the absolute truth of his/her beliefs. True Believers (TB’s) can harbor strong beliefs in extreme ideologies (“-isms”) in politics (Communism, Fascism), fundamentalist […]

A Need for Our Traditions: Always a Comfort, Occasionally a Salve, Sometimes a Lifeline

We all need our traditions. When the song ”Tradition” is sung by “Tevya,” the beloved and beleaguered milkman hero of “Fiddler on the Roof,” he brings the house down. The stirring musical has been performed in different languages and cultures, yet all audiences recognize themselves in the evocative music and lyrics. In “Tradition,” Tevya plaintively […]


Just who is Donald J. Trump? What kind of person is our President? As an informed citizen, an experienced social observer and writer, I’m going to try to capture Mr. Trump’s persona. Although I am a “card-carrying” psychiatrist, I will not use psychiatric terminology or offer a diagnosis. Nor will I comment here on his policies and politics. I will […]