Our Identity: “Who Am I (Really)?”

“What’s It All About, Alfie?” That’s the title of a touching film from the late sixties about a young man trying to “find himself” (played by Michael Caine). Presumably, when young people “find themselves” they have developed a sense of what they’re all about, or their true “Identity.” “Coming of Age” is a similar theme often […]

The Skullduggery of Politicians

If you read your hometown newspaper (a big IF in the internet era) this morning, you learned about important people in power who, in plain parlance, “screwed up!” You may have read that some individuals in city or state government were charged with felonies involving fraud and “bought” favors. You might have seen articles about politicians on the […]

“Hope Springs Eternal”

          “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.” So said Alexander Pope, whose dictum is still as profound as it is poetic.          Hope is of course the belief one holds during difficult circumstances that things will get better. It is unique to our species because it requires […]

Resilience: “Nobody Does It Alone”

“Resilience,” is IN!        This word and concept are unavoidable nowadays. They are ubiquitous, found in magazine articles and scholarly papers, self-help books and motivational lectures, in advertising slogans and products. Resilience is the ability to come back from a significant setback. You of course know this because you have experienced setbacks, losses and even tragedies in your life…and […]

Artistic Genius and Psychological Distress

An imagined “Artistic Geniuses’ Hall of Fame” could include the likes of: Morrison; Cobain and Joplin; Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Liszt; Plath, Hemingway, Woolf and Tolstoy; Warhol, Pollack and Van Gogh; Garland, Monroe and Holliday…and countless others. In addition to their supreme creativity, however, these renowned artists had something else in common: They all suffered from psychological […]