A Need for Our Traditions: Always a Comfort, Occasionally a Salve, Sometimes a Lifeline

We all need our traditions. When the song ”Tradition” is sung by “Tevya,” the beloved and beleaguered milkman hero of “Fiddler on the Roof,” he brings the house down. The stirring musical has been performed in different languages and cultures, yet all audiences recognize themselves in the evocative music and lyrics. In “Tradition,” Tevya plaintively […]


Just who is Donald J. Trump? What kind of person is our President? As an informed citizen, an experienced social observer and writer, I’m going to try to capture Mr. Trump’s persona. Although I am a “card-carrying” psychiatrist, I will not use psychiatric terminology or offer a diagnosis. Nor will I comment here on his policies and politics. I will […]


(Dear Reader, Please recite this blog-poem, using a “hip-hop” beat).       While walking this morning, on a secluded beach, I experienced a sense of profound internal peace. I drifted into a reverie, a strangely moving dream That I lived in an ideal world, where all was serene… There was not a mention of Syria, or incipient […]

“Post-Truths” Trump Facts, Affect Trumps Reason

         Post-truths trump Facts: Truth: “The presidential election is over and Donald Trump is the President-Elect.”         Post-Truth: “President Obama was born in Kenya.” The Oxford English Dictionary named its new word of the year 2016 as “post-truth,” meaning that our strongest political feelings can overwhelm and dictate our rational thinking, irrespective […]

BELIEVING: one of the Four B’s (Being, Belonging, Benevolence)

The word “Believing” is used here as one singular cornerstone of the “Four B’s,” the criteria people use when they evaluate their lives. The other crucial B’s are, “Being,” “Belonging” and “Benevolence.” When all four are achieved, they culminate in an evolved human being. I recently wrote about Being and Belonging, and readers have asked for […]

A Sense of Being, In An Evolved Life

A sense of “Being” is one important criterion we use when evaluating whether we have lived evolved lives. We assess whether our lives that have been meaningful and fulfilling by examining the “Four B’s,” which include “Being,” (personal) “Belonging” (social), “Believing” (values) and “Benevolence” (altruism).     “Belonging” was the subject of my last column, […]

BELONGING and LONELINESS: The Boon and Bane of Life

BELONGING and LONELINESS Those of you familiar with my writings know that I consider  “Belonging” to be one of “The Four B’s,” the cornerstones of how we evaluate our worthiness. The others in this ‘quartet of life quality’ are Being, Believing and Benevolence. Individuals with a sense of Belonging have meaningful relationships with others who  like and appreciate […]

Who Is A “Demagogue”?

We’ve repeatedly heard the term “demagogue” in the media and blogosphere, and in political discourse. So just who is a demagogue? You know it refers to a charismatic political leader (or wannabe) whose vociferous words and outspoken opinions are persuasive to many people, but are found to be offensive or threatening by others. Demagogues tend to be narcissistic and authoritarian, […]