A Sense of Awe, and ‘Peak Experiences’

     Have you ever been transfixed by wonderment and awe during an overwhelmingly inspiring experience?       In the course of our lifetimes, we have all been moved by many positive personal and cultural events. Heart-warming or wondrous experiences enhance and enrich our lives by bringing us joy and fulfillment, especially helpful in difficult times. They also renew […]

Pandemic Woes and Worries, Yet Wonderment

    Over the past year we’ve all been living a surreal and unsettling existence wrought by the Covid-19 virus.      This most unwelcome ‘visitor’ to our tiny planet inflicted a stifling and lethal pandemic on our species. In a rare occurrence in our multi-millennial history, every man, woman and child throughout the world has been affected by […]

Resilience Revisited: Personal Courage, Nurtured By Others

     “We Shall Overcome!”      These stirring words of hope and resilience spoken by Martin Luther King still ring true in speeches and song today.      As you know, the term ‘Resilience’ refers to the ability to overcome significant adversities which may occur in one’s life. You yourself may have suffered early life difficulties, or experienced […]