Pandemic Woes and Worries, Yet Wonderment

    Over the past year we’ve all been living a surreal and unsettling existence wrought by the Covid-19 virus.      This most unwelcome ‘visitor’ to our tiny planet inflicted a stifling and lethal pandemic on our species. In a rare occurrence in our multi-millennial history, every man, woman and child throughout the world has been affected by […]

Resilience Revisited: Personal Courage, Nurtured By Others

     “We Shall Overcome!”      These stirring words of hope and resilience spoken by Martin Luther King still ring true in speeches and song today.      As you know, the term ‘Resilience’ refers to the ability to overcome significant adversities which may occur in one’s life. You yourself may have suffered early life difficulties, or experienced […]

Gratitude For Grandparents

    No matter what culture or ethnic group, grandparents are usually adored by their grandchildren. They are addressed with special “sweet” names, common in every different culture, but they are more than merely unique: They inherently embody affection and convey cherished bonds of deep love. (Some examples are Zaidie/Bubbie, Awa/Tata, Grandmere/Grandpere, Abuelo/Abuela, Yeye/Nainai, Nonna/Nonno, […]

Canada and the United States: Different Peas in a Pod

        Canada and the United States: Different Peas in a Pod         During these surreal times, there have been increased tensions between the United States and Canada, the country of my birth.        There has been growing unease expressed by Canadians about their southern neighbors (neighbours in Canada!), especially since Donald Trump became President. As a “dual citizen” […]

The Appeal of Authoritarians to Malcontents and Militants

     During times of intense social confusion, dissatisfaction and unrest – not unlike the world we now inhabit – many people are drawn to passionate authoritarian leaders who promise security and stability, relief from worries and fears, and punitive actions against dangerous “others.”      Some of their supporters are respectable citizens and armchair acolytes, politically conservative voters, […]

The Enigma and Metaphor of Face Masks

     Even as a child during Halloween “Trick or Treating,” I felt uncomfortable wearing a mask on my face. That was admittedly a long time ago.      Fast forward to the current coronavirus pandemic, when I and many others now wear this designated apparel regularly, especially when crowds are milling about or in stores or areas which […]

True Believers and Conspiracy Theories

    Pandemic or “Plandemic”: True Believers and Conspiracy Theories       A neighbor of mine is a respected professional whom I’ve known for over twenty years. We are not close friends, but we have pleasant conversations.      While on an isolated walk during the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, I saw him in the distance and we […]