True Believers and Conspiracy Theories

    Pandemic or “Plandemic”: True Believers and Conspiracy Theories       A neighbor of mine is a respected professional whom I’ve known for over twenty years. We are not close friends, but we have pleasant conversations.      While on an isolated walk during the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, I saw him in the distance and we […]

“You Don’t Know What You’ve Lost ‘Til It’s Gone”

                             “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone”       “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone!”     That wonderful lyric, from Joni Mitchell’s classic song from the Sixties (“You Pave Paradise, You Put Up A Parking Lot”), is especially timely now.      It comes to mind […]

Under Quarantine (poem)

If your Outlook on Life Now Seems Hazy,  Might it be that You’ve Become Stir-Crazy? Staying Months Indoors Twenty-Four-Seven Bears No Resemblance to Earthly Heaven… What Does One Do Under a Mandated Staycation? Television, Movies, Music, Flights of Imagination, Eating, Reading, E-Mails, Cooking and Multi-Tasking? While, of course, Disinfecting, Hand-Washing and Masking! There’s also Vodka, […]

Thanksgiving: To Whom? For What?

I’m deeply drawn to the annual American tradition of Thanksgiving. I stipulate ‘American’ because I here immigrated twenty-five years ago and found the symbolism of communal gratitude especially meaningful. This country has been a beacon of inspiration, symbolized by the Statue of Liberty where Emma Lazarus’s words are permanently etched (“Give me your tired, your […]

Young True Believers: Cults vs Constructive Contributions?

Young people are often the energetic and idealistic avatars of the future. They are iconoclastic, criticize society’s deficiencies and inequities, and frequently at the forefront of social change. But a few decades ago thousands of young people (older adolescents and young adults) seemed enthralled by unfamiliar, sometimes flamboyant, religious groups. They captivated the imagination and […]