American Shootings: Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough…”An American Tragedy”

      “Our thoughts and prayers are for the victims of today’s tragic shooting” Whenever we hear these pious-sounding words uttered by politicians, our hearts sink, we are saddened, angry and confused. Columbine. Newtown. Sandy Hook. Orlando. Charleston. Las Vegas. Texas. California…The killings continue, and each time it is déjà vu, that sick “we’ve been here […]

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Everyday Life

Whenever star athletes use performance enhancing chemical agents to “game” drug screening systems for a competitive edge, people are understandably appalled and angry. We’ve seen this in the Olympic Games and other major amateur competitions, and in professional sports all over the world. But are these critics as upset and outspoken when chemicals are used […]

Where Have All Our Values Gone?

What is happening to our American Values? You remember values, don’t you? You know, those moral thoughts and behaviors we used to hold dear, like decency, civility, honesty and respect, as well as caring, optimism, empathy and tolerance? This country was a beacon of idealism and progressive values to people the world over. Its foundational credos, the US Constitution and Declaration of […]

“The Sounds of Silence”

”The Sounds of Silence”   Ah, “The Sounds of Silence,” how we long for them… I am sure there’ve been times when you just couldn’t stand some jarring sounds in your vicinity, which were jangling your nerves and disturbing your peace of mind. “Noise in the System” is used to describe an engine, program or […]


Human beings have always built border walls to repel unwelcome “others” from their domains, with the clear message “We don’t want you here!” Remnants exist of ancient fortifications like The Great Wall of China and Roman Empire walls, destroyed ramparts like the Berlin Wall, and many others. More tellingly are contemporary “active” walls separating people throughout […]