The Ominous Resurgence of Anti-Semitism

The Ominous Resurgence of Anti-Semitism “I’ve been aware most of my life that I am hated by many people around the world.” A strong statement, I know, especially coming from a psychiatrist. I certainly have frailties and faults, but ”hated”?! Like you, I think of myself as a decent person, personally well-liked by many, loved […]

I Never Liked Pets…

I Never Liked Pets… I have an admission to make: When I was younger, I didn’t like pets. Actually, nobody owned pet dogs or cats when I was a child in my poor immigrant neighborhood. Dogs were considered frivolous or dangerous, and were expensive. The feral cats in the local alleys seemed furtive and weird, […]

Wrestling with Religion and Spirituality

Wrestling with Religion and Spirituality As a practicing psychiatrist, I am often confronted by dramatic examples of life’s “bipolar” vicissitudes.” I am not referring to the diagnosis as much as to the dramatic range of affect-laden situations and moods, ranging from loss and tragedy to love and exultation. Whether searching, or in despair or celebration, […]

Donald Trump and The Dalai Lama

“Donald Trump and The Dalai Lama” While they are two remarkably different men, “The Donald (Trump)” and “The Dalai (Lama)” are both immersed in international fame as well as controversy. Frequently seen on television, newspapers and social media, they each have the distinction of being vigorously admired and criticized. They are revered by millions of […]

I Am A “Real Parent”!

I Am A “Real Parent”! Parental pride in their children is universal, even if one is not from Lake Wobegon (where “all the children are above average”), and as a biological parent of three sons, I too have always considered them to be wonderful. It’s natural to praise the “products” of our personal DNA and […]