Under Quarantine (poem)

If your Outlook on Life Now Seems Hazy, 

Might it be that You’ve Become Stir-Crazy?

Staying Months Indoors Twenty-Four-Seven

Bears No Resemblance to Earthly Heaven…

What Does One Do Under a Mandated Staycation?

Television, Movies, Music, Flights of Imagination,

Eating, Reading, E-Mails, Cooking and Multi-Tasking?

While, of course, Disinfecting, Hand-Washing and Masking!

There’s also Vodka, Ice Cream, CBD and Caffeine,

But these are Temporary Fixes during a Quarantine…

Even with a Loving Family, Being Sequestered 

Leads to Feeling Utterly Frazzled and Pestered…

 But Hark…

This Temporary Seclusion is not all Dark and Gray: 

The Internet keeps us in Contact with those Far Away,

There is Time to Think, Rest, Recharge and Grow,

Learn, Appreciate, Regenerate, Be In The Know…

Write Poetry and Prose, Draw and Create, 

Sing, Dance, Yoga, Be Mindful and Meditate, 

Think, Reconsider, Don’t Contemplate Your Navel,

Help Others More in Need, Assist and Enable…

This is a Surreal and Frightening Time, Alas,

But as is Said by Seers, “This, Too Shall Pass,”

The Question is, “After these Fires Have Burned,”

Where Will We Be, and What Will We Have Learned?! 

Will We Be Finally Prepared to Love One Another?

To Stop Hating and Fighting and Killing Each Other?

To Cease Inflicting Hate, Aggression and Sorrow,

To Strive and Work Together for a Better Tomorrow?

We Can

We Can Reject Ultra-Patriotism, and Opt for Solidarity,

Committed to Humanism with Dedication and Clarity:

We Can Achieve Changes which are Truly Transforming,

Advancing Arts and Sciences, Reducing Global Warming…

We Can Be Tolerant and Benevolent, a “Beacon on the Hill”:

We have the Brains and the Hearts, But Do We Have the Will?!

Yes, We Can!

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